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Terrasrock: Dvtch Norris / K1D / Rare Akuma: Gratis Inkom

antwerpen 2170 - 13/9/19 - 14/9/19


🎫 Gratis Inkom 🎫


In 2013, Dvtch signed with the independent label Beatville and became a regular guest performer in the live shows of singer/rapper Coely. Together, they performed at more than 250 shows throughout Europe, including Dour (BE), Les Ardentes (BE), Sakifo Festival (FR), Marsatac (FR), Splash Festival (DE), Berlin Festival (DE), Dockville (DE), Eurosonic (NL), The Great Escape (UK), BBW (JP), ... .


a young Antwerp- Based producer whose instrumentals were picked up by $uicideboy$. In the US and most of Europe's biggest cities, people know he’s the new kid on the block - his millions of track plays don't lie about it. Musically he is an explosive
vessel of creativity. With his latest album 'Akuma Season' he partly omits the 'ragecore' with brutal bass lines. He pushes himself a step further and touches your soul with brilliant melodies and hooks. Sometimes with honest emotions and then again with those
beats that characterise Akuma. The summer
of 2019 was fruitful and Akuma played DOUR, WOO HAH! and Fire is Gold like liquid acids demolisch everything. His latest tracks "thisisyourlastchance" & "VICINITY FREESTYLE", in it's typical American style, are at the top of the international league. Akuma
promises us a new EP "IT'LL BE OKAY" in the autumn of 2019.


K1D, a 27-year-old MC with Senegalese roots is not a stranger to anyone that has been
watching Belgian hip-hop closely. He has been very active the past year dropping two
EPs, his debut project ‘High Hopes’ in January and the follow up ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’.
The music video for his last single ‘Yoshi’ premiered on Clash Magazine

Doors @ 20u00






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